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Dr. Phyllis Marganoff


            Areas of Expertise

  1.   Relationship issues of married & unmarried couples

  2.   Transition to parenthood

  3.   Parenting

  4.   Alternative lifestyles

  5.   Multicultural relationship issues

  6.   Postpartum depression

  7.   Divorce

  8.   Depression

  9.   Anxiety

  10.   Bereavement

Using a collaborative, systemic approach, I bring compassion, experience and insight to each therapy session.  I strive to create a safe place for clients to address issues, and use research based strategies.  I treat clients with dignity and respect.  I emphasize a positive nuts and bolts approach in helping individuals identify their strengths, set their goals and achieve them as rapidly as possible.  I am especially passionate about helping couples build lasting relationships.  My goal is to aid couples and individuals in tapping their resources to deepen friendship and intimacy, successfully negotiate conflict and create more satisfying relationships.


I believe that healing and problem solving take place in a relational context both within and outside the therapy session. Thus, the therapy process includes homework assignments to anchor the new skills outside the office.  Whether I am working with an individual, couple or family, I keep the emotional “space between” in focus. I invite clients to look at their relationship systems and how those systems enhance or create stresses in their lives. The therapy process includes homework assignments to anchor the new skills outside the office and/or reduce stress. 

In addition, I am attuned to the mind-body connection.  I  emphasize the importance of integrating information from the body into the therapy process.  In order to help clients access body information I use techniques including deep breathing, guided imagery and EMDR. When appropriate I collaborate  with other healthcare professionals including family physicians and psychiatrists.

Counseling and Psychotherapy Services